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Newest bunny hop parkour game "Tag Hop" by me will be released Q3 2021 on Steam, link

(Pre-Alpha) Surviving Terra is a game which merges together two different genres
Survival and tower defense. The goal of the game right now is to Survive as long as possible on current map.

Mine and gather at day, and make a maze at night, monsters will be spawning then.


  • WASD - player movement
  • Arrow keys/middle mouse button - camera movement
  • Scroll wheel - zoom-in/out
  • Left click - placing objects
  • Right click - destroying/mining objects
  • B - show/hide Building Menu
  • F - enable/disable camera following the player
  • Space - Auto-attack

Small description of gameplay:

Mine iron ore to make turrets, copper to make traps, coal to get fuel for the furnace
and don't block the pathway from the middle where you spawned.
Also don't block Yourself in because monsters are going to bug out that way
Make a maze with turrets on the sides, behind See Through walls, enemies can't attack them (yet)
Smelt that iron & copper to ingots to make turret, traps and special walls.
You can't mine or place objects at night

Come to the Discord server to talk/write about the game, and get news about patches, etc:

Broad guide for gameplay:

Youtube video



Facebook group

Implemented mechanics:

  • Map generation
  • Player actions/interactions (minings, building, etc)
  • Turret-enemy interaction
  • Enemy pathfinding & player/object interactions (moving, attacking)
  • Inventory system
  • Crafting system
  • Research system
  • Enemy spawning system
  • FoV
  • Buff/debuff system
  • Save/Load

Upcoming next release V0.1.7:

  • Optimizations
  • Improved crafting & research
  • New enemies

Install instructions

Download either 64 or 32bit, unzip with Winrar or 7-zip.
Run Surviving Terra.exe


Surviving Terra V0.1.6 X64.zip 34 MB
Surviving Terra V0.1.6 32Bit (X86).zip 32 MB
Surviving Terra V0.1.6 X64 Linux.zip 38 MB
Surviving Terra V0.1.6 Mac.app.zip 52 MB
TDSurvival V0.1.5 X64.zip 65 MB

Development log


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